Stem Cells: Without all the Controversy

Stem Cells Without all the Controversy

21 May Stem Cells: Without all the Controversy

Stem cells are like the exotic, mysterious neighbors that move in next door and have the whole street talking – but not always agreeing.
Stem cells are linked in many people’s minds to the controversial topic of embryonic research and Bush-era politics, because that’s when America really started talking about the amazing potential locked inside stem cells.
How far we’ve come.
Today, we know that anyone can benefit from the healing power of stem cells because, as it turns out, that exotic, controversial neighbor has been living right next door all along – and quietly and effectively doing undercover repair work – without us even knowing.
Stem cells act as the body’s own renewal system, actually becoming just like any of the damaged cells in the body and then replacing them.
“Everybody has stem cells; everybody uses stem cells; everybody uses stem cells everyday; stem cells work…and they work every time,” says physician and wellness expert Dr. Allan Somersall, author of the soon to be released book The Amazing Power of STEM CELL NUTRITION.
For Somersall, that statement is a new mantra.
It sums up the beautiful simplicity and sophistication of stem cells at work, naturally.
“We now understand that stem cells constantly release from the bone marrow, circulate in the blood stream and migrate into any tissue in need, where they then increase in number and actually become cells of that particular tissue,” explains Dr. Somersall.
And now there is a way to increase the volume and speed at which our own bodies release our very own stem cells to do their tailor-made work for our own health and wellness. Using nothing more exotic than seaweed and pond scum. Yes, pond scum.
Dr. Somersall calls it “pure nutritional gold.”
“There are several ways to support stem cell physiology, and increasing the number of stem cells in circulation is probably the most important one. More stem cells are released to go do their work in the body – that of renewing cells,” explains Dr. Somersall. “We therefore now have a natural means, of impacting the continuous function of the stem cells in the body. By taking a specially formulated combination of these algae, I am able to generate more circulating stem cells in my body. After all, I am enhancing a process that is my normal, natural renewal system.”
For Dr. Somersall, this huge leap forward in understanding the “everyday-ness” of the reality of stem cells – (remember the mantra: ‘Everybody has stem cells; everybody uses stem cells; everybody uses stem cells everyday; stem cells work…and they work every time’) – fits perfectly into any discussion of wellness and nutrition. In fact, according to Somersall, stem cell nutrition is the cutting edge of nutritional supplementation and wellness.
“There is no doubt that Stem Cell Nutrition is an effective wellness solution, limited only by personal lifestyle choice,” says Dr. Somersall.
And with the proliferation and affordability of novel and clinically-studied nutritional supplements, it is a personal lifestyle choice now open to anyone.